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Mandatory registration for the "Gaulacard", to report your catch. You also need the official fishinglisence before the fishing.


The Gaula river is the largest salmon-bearing river system in Southern Norway, with a drainage area of 3651 km2 and a combined salmon-bearing stretch of 212 kilometers (including its tributaries). In the main river, salmon migrate as far as Eggafossen in Holtålen, covering a distance of 95 km. Salmon fishing is also productive in the tributaries Bua, Sokna, and Fora.


Gaula River is well known for its big salmon in addition to large quantities of medium size salmon and grilse – averaging around 4 - 6,000 salmon during the season, with an average weight around 5.5 kilos per fish. Throughout the whole season there is always the chance to catch the big one. 


The river offers  plentiful runs and some of the best fly-fishing stretches in the world are found in Gaula. Gaula river runs through a valley full of contrasts; from high mountain plateaus through canyons and forests to the gentler, wider and rich agricultural land near the Trondheim fjord. It is also one of the rivers with the longest salmon runs in Norway.


Season is from June 1th to August 31


1 Salmon a DAY
C&r max 3 times


2 salmon per WEEK

4 salmon per SEASON

Max 1 above 80 cm


All salmon above 95cm are protected by GFF

Female salmon are protected from July 1th


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