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The HIStory

The history of Norstu Bogen goes all the way back to 1685. Up to 1900 the two Bogen - farms were built in a cluster but in 1900 Tomas Bogen built his new farm, consisting of 11 buildings, located where it is today. The property originally included 1000 dekar of forest, and 100 dekar of soil. Unfortunately the river Gaula has nearly halved the soil area. Norstu Bogen has been the Bogen family farm since 1790.Norstu Bogen is closely linked to the history of the English flyfishers who came to Gauldalen about 1830. Mr Bernt Hovstad says in the "Singsåsboka" that the first English flyfishers who came to Singsås, came to Bogen.Who were they these fishermen who came all the way from England to Gauldalen in Norway?The local historian, Chr. Lodgaard says in  "Singsåsboka" that they were wealthy men, mineowners, officers and men who had properties in the colonies. Many of them had been participating in the Boer-War. 

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